I help people at crossroads, whether in their career or life in general, who want to embrace their passions and feel energised, empowered and inspired to live life to their fullest even if the first step seems daunting.


Has what you do become so out of balance with who you truly desire to be that life is a trial not a treasure?


If this is you, you are struggling and feel at crossroads with your career or life and feel overwhelmed with what to do. Your path lacks clarity, certainty and fulfilment.

You feel tired and lack motivation and your life, out of balance, is impacting on your health, relationships and overall happiness. Time is ticking away and you want your future to be joyful, fulfilling and meaningful. Deep down you know its time to get unstuck, let go of what is holding you back and move forward in your life.

For many, the way to move forward is to take some time to think about what you really want and get in touch with what you love to do, your passions, strengths and interests and remember what lights you up.

We all have talents and honouring these can help us get clear with our purpose and contribute in a meaningful way. Its never too late to start being true to yourself.

I assist people struggling with life’s transitions and crossroads who want to get back in touch with their enthusiasm and motivation, shake off what is no longer serving them and are ready to make changes.

In partnership, I help them connect and embrace their purpose, reconnect with their passion and create the path they desire.

Without a doubt each of us have special talents, strengths and natural gifts and when these are aligned, life flows joyously and we feel true fulfilment in what we do in our work, relationships and life in general.


To make this positive change happen in your life, these are the steps we take together.



1.  Enter a safe judgement free space for you to explore, reflect and gain insights and make way for change.

2.  Together we get crystal clear on what is going on for you today and where you want to be.

3. Then we find your passion, purpose and true calling and line it up with what is valuable to you in your life.

4. We rediscover your strengths and natural energy styles using assessment tools and strategies.

5. You learn how to get unstuck, identify and remove old unwanted beliefs holding you back so that you can move forward, easily and effortlessly.

6.  Along the way, you learn new empowered thinking, strategies and apply practical resources.

7. Together we establish meaningful, achievable, realistic goals which will provide you with targets and markers along your new, clear pathway.

In perfect timing you will be living your life aligned with what is valued by you, feeling fulfilled in how you are living your life.

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Success Stories

I had been feeling stressed and unwell for some time and I was unable to manage the demands of my life. I really felt powerless and everyday seemed like a struggle. I knew something needed to  do something to help myself if I was to feel well and live my life the way I wanted to. I needed to make some changes.

It was at that time that a friend recommended Sandi to me. At first I felt resistant to change but I really committed myself to the work. The change came for me as…


…. Sandi  guided me intuitively to find the next steps I needed on my journey. With her very skillful approach and reflective listening, it became possible for me to untangle my thoughts and ideas and pave the way to a life that is more meaningful, peaceful and productive. Sandi helped me to uncover patterns I no longer wanted in my life and to change them.



I have had challenges and empowering breakthroughs and I grew very comfortable with reflecting, planning and creating my vision for my future. I can now put my health and well being paramount in my life.

Life is even better than ever for me now. I am in such a different space and feel  empowered to deal with life’s issues more effectively than I ever thought possible. Why wait for a crisis or to get sick when you can do something now. Words can not express my gratitude to Sandi for her expertise in coaching. My life will never be the same or let me put it this way, I will experience events in my life differently now. Thank you for being an amazing life coach, Sandi.


Before I started coaching, I didn’t know anything about coaching and I was encouraged by a family member who recommended Sandi to me. In my life, I have often had extreme difficulty communicating with people, especially in an assertive manner. I found individualised coaching an invaluable exercise. Sandi is an attentive listener and was able to reflect on what we discussed so I could look at things in a new way. She provided me with practical strategies on how to deal with the situation. Sandi helped me identify beliefs that I had about myself that were holding me back from doing what I really wanted to do. As a result …


…of coaching, I am prepared to address my issues with greater ease and I have felt the ripples in many areas of my life. I have gone on to have great success in my studies and have established my own business. I would highly recommend personal coaching with Sandi.


At the start of the year I attended individual life coaching sessions with Sandi.  Through these sessions Sandi helped me to become  aware of patterns of behaviour and everyday thoughts and language which were holding me back from achieving happiness and contentment with my life.

Sandi amazed me at her ability to pick up on key words which I had no idea I was even using to tackle and delve into. Words such as ” I’m tired but I will push through.”  Sandi brought my attention to my words and through her… 


…gentle but strong and clear thinking and guidance opened my eyes to my thought patterns which were negatively affecting my well being.

Now, I feel much stronger, happier and more in control of my life in a very positive and energised way. I have a sense of direction, contentment and ownership of my life which has had a positive effect also on those with whom I come in contact.

I found the experience sitting and chatting with Sandi to be very calm, professional and non-judgemental.  I was able to be very open and honest with her as we discussed quite sensitive and personal issues. At all times I was aware of her very strong commitment to confidentiality and at the end of each session I spent the week looking forward to my next session.

I can’t thank Sandi enough for her professional approach and support. I would highly recommend Sandi to anyone seeking to make a positive change in their life either in a personal or professional manner.


Before working with Sandi, I felt very stuck, confused and unsure of the way forward. Like a ship lost in a very unhappy, emotional storm. Sandi has been my lighthouse and our sessions have been incredible! I found myself going exactly where I needed to go, exploring the core issues. I felt heard, supported and understood and always came away knowing exactly what needed to be done. More importantly she helped me gain access to the tools I needed to take the steps I so wanted! Sandi is a diamond and I am so glad I found her! I found our sessions tremendously helpful, I’ve worked…


…with life coaches before, but none had her energy, warmth and insightfulness. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch life changing coach. 


I’ve always known there was a need in my life for improvement and room for growth across the board, but I was unsure how to proceed. Fortunately I was introduced to life coaching and happened to meet Sandi at the same time.

Through her ability to set a safe and supportive environment and the use of her different skills as well as her experience she was able to help me unlock and reframe many issues I was facing. Some of those issues, were dis-empowering beliefs and adversities. All that I have learned …


… has had  a positive and empowering affect on my life.

I have reached my goals and set myself firmly on my path in my career and relationships and I am clear on the direction I want my life to take. I truly believe everyone would benefit from having a life coach and I’m lucky to have Sandi as mine. 


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  • Create a clear plan of your first steps to living your life fulfilled.


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Meet Sandi Smith

I love assisting people at turning points and intersections in their lives who are wanting to reconnect with something missing in their career, relationships, health or life in general. They are ready to take action and be inspired by their passions, embrace their strengths and live a life that is joyous, rich and abundant.

After many years in Education and personal development, I believe in the power of self discovery and learning. Learning new skills and thinking strategies enables anyone to live empowered and inspired. Life flows more easily when you have a positive mindset, make healthy choices and embrace change so you can move forward in life. I have worked with people of all ages and at all stages in life. Now is always the right time to learn, reflect and try something new. Sometimes we need someone to assist and support us.

I choose to live life in a balanced, holistic, mindful way. I endeavour to respect all aspects of my life, my physical, emotional and spiritual self. Life as it is today, can be hectic and keeping grounded with nature helps me to keep healthy. I love to keep in touch with what fills me up. My husband and I are lucky to live close to the beach and take trips out to our favourite spot in the country. I love to cook and create and to be in my garden, to take walks with our dog or to do yoga or go swimming. Travelling on holiday to somewhere new is always a fun adventure. Most of all I am lucky to spend happy times with my family and friends.

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It has been my experience that crossroads can present themselves as a lack of energy, feeling unmotivated, missing desire or questioning happiness. These crossroads are part of the natural ebb and flow but they can be tough and scary. I have found that growth happens when we embrace change and welcome the great opportunity for self discovery.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get clear on your direction and purpose and flourish. Get your complimentary Strategy Session and be inspired to take action and flourish.

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